Frequently Asked Questions

About the Dice Sets

Our dice are made of acrylic resin, a durable, resistant and brightly colored material.

All our dice are handmade products in an artisanal way to guarantee the quality of the product.

Each set is unique and unmatched. Being handmade products, each set of dice has a unique pattern and a special finish.

About the Miniatures

Yes. Except for the miniatures in the Other Collections section, the rest of the miniatures have been designed and digitally sculpted by us.

The miniatures will arrive to you wrapped in bubble protection, healed and clean of supports. They may need a little additional cleaning or removal of some minimal support remnants.

Some of our customers give it a small soapy water bath when painting without using primer, although we have found that priming directly on the miniature works well.

All of our miniatures are made from a derivative of the plastic used for 3D printing using UV curing technology.

It is basically a type of plastic resin that cures with ultraviolet light and offers a plastic-like texture to the touch, a high quality of detail and is ideal for modeling miniatures.

No, due to the fact that our clients come from very different game systems, no miniature comes with its base included. The bases are purchased separately in the Smooth and Scenic Bases section.

We have tried to standardize the scale of our collections to 28mm - 1:56. Even so, you will find information about the scale of the product and/or representative images of the products and a close reference to see the size that they can have in most of them.

In any case, if you need a specific scale write to us and we will try to advise you and if necessary adapt what you are looking for to the scale you need.

About Orders

If you had any problem with your order you can make a return of it. To do this, contact us and we will help you manage it.

Conditions must be met logical to be able to make the return if the package has already been sent, such as that the package has reached its destination, the content is in good condition when it returns, that the order does not include personalized products...

Be that as it may, to make any return you must contact us and we will explain all the steps.

It is extremely rare for this to happen, as all orders we ship are tracked so either it reaches you or it arrives back at our warehouse.

On very rare occasions it will be the case that completely lose an order. If this happens, we will contact you to find a solution.

Yes, you can cancel the order before we ship it without any extra cost as long as it does not contain any personalized products.

It is still recommended that you contact us to manage it more smoothly and avoid misunderstandings.

The time it takes for an order to be prepared and to reach its destination after being shipped varies.

There are orders that may need a longer preparation time and others that can be shipped up to date Next. We will keep you informed of the status of your order and all changes to its status in your order panel.

Once it is sent, if it is national it can arrive in a few days and if it is international It will depend on the destination you are going to, it can vary between 4 and 10 days normally for Europe, and 10-15 days normally for outside Europe.

All the orders we ship carry their own tracking number wherever they go. This will help you to verify that the package has not been lost and to request information at your post office in destination if you have any questions about delivery.

Anyway, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us.

Your order, once placed, will remain in Pending status until we verify that everything is correct and the payment has been made and located correctly.

After that, we will put it In Progress, to indicate that we are working on it and producing what you have requested. When it is Ready it will be ready and packed waiting for be Sent.

It will remain as Sent until you confirm receipt, which will appear as Delivered . If there was any problem with your order and it was lost it will appear as Lost and we will have contacted you.

If we cancel or cancel the order, the order is refunded or canceled for any reason, it will also appear as such with the attached information.

About 3D Printing and STL

Not everything we sell is available in STL. But if it is, you will find on the page of each product an icon on the right of the screen in the shape of a three-dimensional cube.

This icon will open a link where you can purchase the digital files related to that product. Typically, the link will point to our MyMiniFactory store, which you can see here.

No, on this website all the content offered is physical. All digital or STL content is normally purchased from our MyMiniFactory store, that you can see here.

About Points and Rewards

Every day, in your user account, you have available the Spin of the Day. It is a small minigame that will give you points every day, regardless of the result you get on the dice roll.

The results of 1 to 19 will give you as many points as the number appears, if 14 comes out, it will give you 14 points, for example. The 20 natural has an additional prize as it will give you 25 points. You can roll the dice once a day!

Once you place an order, you generate as many points as indicated in that order. These points are not available at the moment, they will be as soon as you confirm receipt of it.

After having received the order and confirming that everything arrived well and everything is correct, you can confirm the correct receipt of the order from your order sheet by entering your order panel.

This will immediately load the number of points associated with your order from your points balance.

You can use your points from the Rewards section within your account. There you will find different rewards and their costs in points. You can choose what to spend your points on and get gifts to add to your upcoming orders.

You can add coupons that you own from the Coupons section within your account. There you will find the coupons you own and a link to add them to the cart.

If they meet the necessary conditions to be added, they will be added to the cart and you can consume them when placing the order.

Each multi-use coupon can be used more than once, but only once per order. In this way, if you have a coupon that discounts 1 euro and has 3 uses, you can use it only once in three different orders.

Other Themes

If you need to print something specific, we offer you our printing service. To do this, contact us and we will give you a budget.

We do not always have the possibility of offering this service due to the queue of work that we have normally, but if we have the possibility of making a hole for you, we will do it for you.

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