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Creating collections of miniatures giving them our own style and adapting them to play the games we like the most is a job that has become a hobby for us.

The project that got us into collection creation was Ravenous Hordes A great mass of units, heroes, monsters and machines to be able to play with crazy and unbalanced Ratmen in practically any tabletop war game or use them in encounters for tabletop role-playing games.

This project was followed by several more that are in development and little by little they are seeing the light. The next to go public was Sons of Mars A whole collection of miniatures set in the Republic of Rome and the Roman Empire. These Romans came waging war!

Giving it our touch while respecting historical rigor as much as possible, our miniatures have even been exhibited in museums in historical recreation collections. A real pride for us!

There are still many ideas, many concepts and settings to be captured and made a reality. Many projects lack a few brushstrokes to be ready and show their face to the world. If you want to be aware of all the news, we recommend that you sign up for our Newsletter.


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