The Journey Begins

We have been in the worlds of role-playing and fantasy for more than two decades. Many dragons have fallen, sudden adventures and unexpected paths to get here.

A humble resin printer was to blame for sowing the seed of illusion so that it will be about 5 years ago we decided to create a small 3D printing workshop with more than 20 machines working to serve the wishes of players around the world.

And so we made our website a meeting point for all board role players and wargames, in general, for people who escape to their worlds on the board fleeing from the overwhelming real world.

We launched ourselves and started this journey with enthusiasm. First selling miniatures from other sculptors, then we dared to create our first collection of Ravenous Hordes miniatures based on a full army of ratmen with 6 factions. We offered it both in physical and digital production, it turned out great and encouraged us to continue creating.

This collection was followed by Sons of Mars, which is based on the Roman Empire from its origins as a republic. And it won't be the last, we have many more ideas waiting to see the light.

Now with the experience acquired over the years both in 3D printing and physical production as well as in digital design and sculpture, we want to fully develop our initial idea and turn ResinWarfare at a place where you can find what you need to populate your game table, complete your dioramas with a personal touch, reinforce your armies or fill your dungeon with heroes and encounters.

May the dice smile at you!

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